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Oncology Research

For the drug development industry, a relationship with Sarah Cannon Research Institute offers:

  • Access to a broad and diverse mix of patients
  • Experienced, proven investigators and research-focused sites
  • Efficient, effective clinical trial management services
  • Access to some of the world’s renowned scientific thought leaders

Sarah Cannon Research Institute has relationships with multiple pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, resulting from delivered value in the drug development process. Our portfolio of clinical trial management services facilitates rapid and cost effective drug development.

Participation in the Sarah Cannon Research Institute clinical trials program enables community-based oncology practices to:

  • Offer patients a larger and more varied menu of clinical trials and advanced treatment options
  • Concentrate on the care and treatment of research patients, while delegating the intense administrative nature of research work
  • Produce quality research data that complies with all applicable regulation and guidelines

Sarah Cannon Development Innovations

Sarah Cannon Development Innovations is a full-service contract research organization (CRO) that is uniquely focused in oncology. Sarah Cannon Development Innovations offers strong scientific leadership, access to patients through Sarah Cannon Research Institute’s Site Management Organization (SMO) and relationships with other clinical sites, and experience in drug development and delivery of clinical trials from First-In-Man through registration level studies, making us the partner of choice for oncology.

Our differentiator is strong operational delivery in partnership with our Site Management Organization and physician leaders to deliver your program efficiently

Sarah Cnanon Development Innovations works with Sarah Cannon Research Institute strategic and network sites throughout the United States, along with investigators at sites outside of the Sarah Cannon Research Institute network. This reach allows Sarah Cannon Development Innovations to offer sponsors access to a diverse and varied patient population, spanning multiple tumor types and disease stages. These relationships further enhance the depth and breadth of Sarah Cannon Development Innovations’ therapeutic expertise, enabling it to provide focused, strategic operational support. This support ensures that clinical trials are conducted in a timely manner and reported with high-quality, registration-standard data.

Program Leaders

Sarah Cannon Research Institute continues the legacy of cancer research initiated in 1993 by F. Anthony Greco, M.D., and John D. Hainsworth, M.D. Each year brings new growth, both in the number of participating patients and researchers. Today our research team includes:

Howard A. Burris III, M.D., President, Clinical Operations and Chief Medical Officer, Sarah Cannon

John D. Hainsworth, M.D., Co-Founder; Principal Investigator, Sarah Cannon Research Institute

F. Anthony Greco, M.D., Co-Founder, Sarah Cannon Research Institute

Johanna C. Bendell, M.D., Director, GI Cancer Research Program; Associate Director, Drug Development Program, Sarah Cannon Research Institute

Hendrik-Tobias Arkenau, M.D., Ph.D, Executive Medical Director, Drug Development Program; Principal Investigator, Sarah Cannon Research Institute - UK

Kent Shih, M.D., Senior Investigator, Neuro-Oncology Program; Principal Investigator, Sarah Cannon Research Institute

Suzanne Jones, Pharm.D., Senior Director, Scientific Director, Strategic Development; Principal Investigator, Sarah Cannon Research Institute

David Spigel, M.D., Chief Scientific Officer; Director, Lung Cancer Research Program; Principal Investigator, Sarah Cannon Research Institute

Denise A. Yardley, M.D., Senior Investigator, Breast Cancer Research Program; Principal Investigator, Sarah Cannon Research Institute

Ian W. Flinn, M.D., Ph.D., Director, Blood Cancer Research Program; Principal Investigator, Sarah Cannon Research Institute

Jesus G. Berdeja, M.D., Director of Myeloma Research; Senior Investigator, Hematologic Malignancies; Principal Investigator, Sarah Cannon Research Institute